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Me (Joanna Ong) and some of my classmates from Sheridan’s Interactive Multimedia namely, Tyson Leslie, Justin Howlett, Antonio Carito, Darren Neville, Jacky Kam, Tyler Lindo, Abeiene Nejar, and Cherry Argana had the opportunity to build an installation for FITC‘s 10th year anniversary in Toronto! We built a flash-based networking application “game” called Snap, Heckle and Bump.

The Idea – A FUN networking application

After about a month of brainstorming, we came up with a solid theme for our installation – that is, networking! Inspired by the Nokia Siemens Cloud installation photos, we came up with an idea where users can use augmented reality markers to somehow show their avatar, play with it, and interact with other people. We also wanted to include a fun photobooth installation wherein people can take their photo, manipulate and add “stuff” to it, use it as an avatar in the augmented reality game and share it on facebook. With these in mind, we came up with Snap, Heckle and Bump. Snap your photo, “talk/meet” people and “fist bump” with them!

Technologies involved

  • Flash and AS3 – for photobooth interface
  • Flash, AS3, FlarToolKit (nyId markers) – for markers to identify each attendee
  • php, mySQL – backend database for storing attendee information, number of bumps, bumpee’s and bumper’s
  • facebook API – upload pictures on facebook once photo is taken


The Game

So, basically, each attendee had a unique FLAR marker attached to their badge. The game could be played both ways – you can either take your photo first then bump, or you can bump first and take your photo later (or not if you choose not to). The game requires 2 players – each player should show their badge to the camera in order to identify them. Once that’s done, players’ pictures will appear together with their fist avatars bumping, showing that they’ve met or “bumped”. In the end, players will see who wins which is determined by the most amount of bumps. The idea behind this is that the more bumps you get, the higher your score will be, and technically the more people you meet. This brings us back to the “networking” idea.

Another cool thing is that by the end of the conference, we sent out an email of all the people the player “bumped” with – so it’s basically like a virtual business card, but more fun!

Here’s a video of Tyson showing how the game works:


Participant photos —
Fun group photos —
IMM official blog post —
Website —
Mobile Site —


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